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Staph infections can be fatal, especially antibiotic-resistant strains. Learn how to treat them naturally.

These infections have become increasingly common in the everyday environment. Certain strains of staph have even evolved to become resistant to antibiotic treatment and are referred to as MRSA. For more, click here.


glutenThe gluten-free trend appears to be here to stay. Many rave about the health benefits, while others simply don’t understand all the hype. Nonetheless, walking into nearly any grocery store, one can easily find a section filled with a variety of gluten-free products ranging from bread to pastas to pastries. This begs the question, “Is gluten-free really the healthier option?” For more, click here.

almond milk

As more and more people steer clear of diary, nut milks have become a popular alternative to incorporate into one’s diet. However, they may not be all that they are cracked up to be. Almond milk has become one of the most commonly purchased alternatives. Although it has its benefits, there is a bit of controversy surrounding this delicious diary milk substitute. For more, click here.

Funk Roberts

Mark Funk Roberts is a renowned MMA Conditioning Coach, Certified Personal and Metabolic Trainer, and Kettlebell and Plyometrics Specialist. He has trained elite athletes across the globe and has created popular programs to support thousands on their fitness journeys. Roberts’ story has taken many twists and turns, where he found himself in a successful career, making six figures in the industry of human resources. However, he left that all behind to pursue his dream of turning his passion for fitness into a lucrative business.

In an exclusive interview, Roberts recently met with Examiner and shared his inspirational story. He disclosed his early struggles, keys to success, and tips for sustainable nutrition and health.For more, click international-fitness-trainer-quits-six-figure-job-to-pursue-dream-examiner-com.