Daily Archives: February 21, 2016


In this ever-hectic world, sleep has become increasingly elusive. Many experience various types of side effects due to being deprived of sleep, such as weight gain, issues with memory, and a weakened immune system. Over time, these issues can lead to much more significant and detrimental effects on one’s health. For more, click here.


On December 13, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran posted a message to his Instagram stating that he would be leaving all social media until next fall. He stressed that he had been “seeing the world through a screen and not [his] eyes.” Given the rise in popularity of social media, this is often the case for many. However, Sheeran may have the right idea in leaving it all behind. For more, click here.


Losing one’s train of thought mid-sentence, forgetting where one’s phone or keys have been placed, and not remembering where one parked are all common occurrences. Brain fog has happened to everyone, and most likely more than once. However, there are those who experience this phenomenon on a more frequent basis. Scientists have now linked frequent occurrences of brain fog to various aspects of one’s health and lifestyle. For more, click brain-fog-and-its-connection-to-your-health-examiner-com.


When looking to revamp one’s health, sugar is often the first thing removed from the diet…and with good reason. An excess of sugar has been linked to weight gain and various diseases, such as type II diabetes and heart disease. Because of this, it has become common practice for healthy eaters to avoid added sugar—that is, sugar not naturally produced by a given food item. Now, the U.S. government has begun to provide support for a healthier nation. For more, click fda-proposes-new-nutrition-labels-for-a-healthier-nation-examiner-com.