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Funk Roberts

Mark Funk Roberts is a renowned MMA Conditioning Coach, Certified Personal and Metabolic Trainer, and Kettlebell and Plyometrics Specialist. He has trained elite athletes across the globe and has created popular programs to support thousands on their fitness journeys. Roberts’ story has taken many twists and turns, where he found himself in a successful career, making six figures in the industry of human resources. However, he left that all behind to pursue his dream of turning his passion for fitness into a lucrative business.

In an exclusive interview, Roberts recently met with Examiner and shared his inspirational story. He disclosed his early struggles, keys to success, and tips for sustainable nutrition and health.For more, click international-fitness-trainer-quits-six-figure-job-to-pursue-dream-examiner-com.


Jumping on the scale after a week of intense workouts and healthy eating, only to see that number increase from the week before is quite a frustrating experience. Figuring out just what may be the culprit may prove even more infuriating. Although weight increase may be due to a myriad of reasons, the issue may very well be water retention due to exercise. For more, click here.


Many Americans have incorporated protein powders into their diets, either as a supplement to gain muscle, or as a meal replacement. However, depending on protein powder smoothies and shakes as a main source of daily nutrition may prove detrimental to one’s health. Although protein is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle, there are long-term dangers in its over-consumption as well. For more, click excessive-protein-good-or-bad-for-the-body-examiner-com.